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Sampler with VSTi sampling


32 / 64­-bit VST / VST3 / Audio Units compatibility.
Built­-in VST host / VSTi sampling (freezing). Record your favourite VST without any sound quality loss!
Built­-in wave editor.
Scalable and themeable GUI.
Morphable scheme / automatable zone parameters.
128 Programs with unlimited zones.
32­-bit floating point based wavetables.
Full MIDI Input triggering control.

Playback engine

Up to 64 voices polyphony (multilayered zone sampling engine).
Oversampling voice generation: up to 4X oversample factor.
Selectable interpolation engines: up to 512 points SINC interpolation.
Full mono / poly / legato operation.
Glide w/ auto­switch control.
4 voices Unison with detuning.


Dual Zero­-Delay Feedback filters.
24dB / Oct filter modes: Lowpass / Hipass / Bandpass 1 / Bandpass 2 / Notch / Peaking / Disabled. Stepping­ free Cutoff / Resonance and Drive parameters.
Velocity and Keyboard tracking to Cutoff parameter.


8 assignable Macro knobs.
Independent envelope amplitude / modulation envelope / LFO and filter settings.
2 syncable LFO with configurable Phase.
Stepping ­free modulation sends / pitch bend / modulation to morphing wheels.
ADSR amplitude envelope.
ADSR envelope filter / pitch assignable (both bipolar).


Wow effect: Rock Da Disco.
Soft clipper to tame the output.
Stereo rotation effect.
High quality chorus / delay / reverb.
Selectable Pre Post Effects: Bit reducer, Phaser, Distortion.
Chorus / Delay / Reverb sends per zone.

Sample Editor

Built-­in wave editor with full undo history.
Zoom up to 1:1 resolution.
Independent Left - Right - Stereo selections.
7 Loop types (one shoot / forward / bidirectional / backward / forward w/sustain / crossfade / static).
Clipboard: Cut / copy / paste / mix paste / sample / trim.
Amplitude: Fade in / out / normalization / mute / insert silence.
Effects: Reverse / Invert polarity / Swap channels / Remove DC.
Cues / Loop edit / Auto­slice to tempo / transients.
Automatable zone parameters / cue / loop points.
Automatable start / end / loop points.

Import formats

Auto / drum mapping when multiple files are opened at once.
Internal new program/bank formats with lossless encoding.
LUA scripting engine for program loading: add new file formats easily.
Samples: .WAV / .BWF / .AIFF / .AIF / .FLAC / .OGG / .MP2 / .AMR / .AC3 / .QT / .ADTS / .MP3 / .M4R / .3GP / .MPA / .SD2 / .MPEG / .M4A / .MP4 / .MOV / .SND / .AIFC / .CAF / .M4B / .3G2 / .MP1 / .AAC / .AU.
Programs: .AKP (AKAI S5000-S6000) / .EXS / .SFZ / .DLS / .SF2 (SoundFont2) / .XRNI (Renoise Instruments)

Export formats

Programs: .SFZ / ZBP programs and ZBB banks (24-bit lossless FLAC).
Samples: 16-­bit / 24-­bit WAV.

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