discoDSP Phantom

discoDSPSKU: 1300-1006


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8 voices, four operator, PM/FM synth

PM / FM synthesizer
8 voices polyphony
4 operators
8 routings
LP / HP / BP / BR filter types
ADSD2R envelopes
Global pitch / filter envelopes
Parameter morphing
Chorus / delay / reverb effects

Imports Yamaha® SysEx Data from
DX27 / DX21 / DX100 / TX81 synthesizers

System Requirements

Windows XP or higher operating system.
Win32 VST 2.0 or higher compliant host.


Key and velocity scaling.
Initial phase with free-run support.
Phase modulation self-feedback amount.
Tune Frequency ratio.
Octave shift.
Amplitude LFO and AD1SD2R envelope.


Eight Operator routing algorithms.
Customizable pitch bend range.
Global velocity modulation / amplitude sense.
Tune (Frequency ratio).
Glide with auto-on-legato mode.
Full mono / legato / polyphonic operation.
Pitch LFO and AD1SD2R envelope.
4-Pole resonant filters.
Filter LFO and AD1SD2R envelope.
Built-in stereo multi-effects unit with chorus, delay and reverb.
Pitch bend / Mod wheel controller.

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