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AudioWind is a revolutionary audio plugin that creates the vivid dynamics of wind sounds

AudioWind helps you create the perfect wind sound in a matter of minutes. It requires just a few resources to work perfectly. Le Sound's D.O.S.E. technology allows you to work in real-time for up to 5.1 channel audio. You can modify your sound without entirely having to recreate it.

With AudioWind you can modify 5 major parameters of wind and storm attributes:

  • Background ambience
  • Whistling
  • Gusts
  • Squalls
  • LFE


Windows Requirements

  • Windows OS
  • 64 bit AAX/VST/VST3 compatible host

Mac Requirements

  • Mac OS
  • 64 bit AAX/VST/VST3 compatible host

An iLok Dongle is required

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