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Free StudioRack license included.

To capture your best performances and perfect your productions, you can't let latency or CPU limits turn off your creativity. With SoundGrid at the heart of your studio, you can record and monitor with plugins in real time, mix plugin-rich sessions, and collaborate more easily with other musicians, producers and engineers.

SoundGrid Studio is the software controlling your SoundGrid-powered system for real-time processing and networking. It includes the SoundGrid Studio control panel and the eMotion ST studio mixer. With SoundGrid Studio at the center of your studio, you can:

  • Record and monitor via a SoundGrid audio interface, with plugins running at ultra-low latency (as low as 0.8 ms). 
  • Boost your mixing power by easily offloading your plugin processing to a SoundGrid server.
  • Easily connect multiple computers, DAWs, audio interfaces, synths, controllers and other devices to the same studio system, using SoundGrid Studio’s all-new Patch section.

The latest version of SoundGrid Studio adds many new exciting features to your studio:

  • Build sessions of any size quickly and easily, via a new layered interface that can replace your hardware-based monitor management system.
  • Cross-check your mixes quickly across multiple sets of studio monitors, using the all-new customizable control room section.
  • Empower musicians to record their best takes by sending them multiple personalized headphone mixes, simultaneously, with the ability to customize their monitor mixes with a click of a button.
  • Set up and manage all software and hardware components in your SoundGrid network using SoundGrid Studio’s new automatic device recognition and mapping capabilities. As your needs evolve over time, you can expand your system and configure a studio setup of any size – from a single DAW with one SoundGrid audio interface, to a flexible super-network of multiple computers, interfaces and servers.

Harness SoundGrid to your studio in order to record, mix and create more powerfully than ever.

Record & Monitor with Plugins in Real Time
Plugins can help musicians find the right sounds and textures during rehearsals and recording sessions. But your computer adds latency; and running plugins adds even more, since you need to increase your DAW buffer size. All this makes it almost impossible to monitor with plugins and record tight takes.

With SoundGrid Studio, a SoundGrid audio interface and a SoundGrid server, the incoming audio signal completely bypasses your computer’s CPU, bringing real-time monitoring and recording to your sessions. Musicians can hear themselves, with plugins, and without any perceptible latency – helping them nail their best takes.

Supercharge Your Studio: More Processing Power
Producing and mixing large sessions with many channels and plugins is today the norm. But large plugin counts can overload your computer’s CPU and slow down your creative process.

SoundGrid Studio boosts your plugin processing power. It can receive up to 128 channels from your DAW (via the free StudioRack plugin chainer), and offloads all your plugin processing to a SoundGrid server. (You don’t even need a SoundGrid interface – use the audio interface you already have!) You are then free to focus on producing and mixing with as many of the industry’s best-sounding plugins as you want.

NEW: Custom Control Room to Cross-check Your Mixes
Not all monitors are created equal. To get your session ready for the outside world, you need to cross-check your mixes on multiple sets.

The new SoundGrid Studio introduces a customizable control room section that lets you toggle easily between 3 sets of studio monitors for quick comparison – without the need for a traditional hardware monitor management system.

NEW: Give Musicians Personalized Headphone Mixes
To nail their best takes, musicians often ask to hear specific tracks in their headphones. Adjusting their monitor mixes during a session can take time to route, and might kill the vibe.

SoundGrid Studio lets you create multiple custom headphone mixes, on the fly. You can send different headphone mixes to multiple musicians at a time – up to eight in the free 8-channel and the 16-channel mixer versions, or up to sixteen in the 32 and 64-channel versions. You can toggle tracks in and out of what the musicians hear – all with a click of a button. 

NEW: Add 3D Headphone Monitoring (Sold Separately)
For an enhanced headphone monitoring experience, insert the SoundGrid-compatible Abbey Road Studio 3 or Nx Virtual Mix Room plugins (sold separately) directly on your SoundGrid Studio headphone and control room mixes.

These plugins provide spatial three-dimensional audio on headphones, giving musicians a more comfortable and natural monitoring experience while recording, and reducing ear fatigue during long recording and mixing sessions.

Collaborate Easily: Connect in Seconds
SoundGrid Studio lets you quickly set up and manage all the audio interfaces, drivers, and SoundGrid servers in your flexible SoundGrid network. Need to patch more computers, DAWs, synths, samplers and hardware processors? Configure them instantly in SoundGrid Studio’s all-new Patch section.

Collaborators can easily integrate their devices into your studio, using as little as one SoundGrid-compatible Ethernet cable. SoundGrid Studio’s new automatic device recognition and mapping will quickly configure your flexible network of devices, letting you set up faster than ever.

Expand Your Studio Flexibly as Your Needs Evolve
SoundGrid is easily scalable – from a single DAW with one SoundGrid audio interface, to a super-studio with multiple computers and up to 14 audio interfaces. Connectivity is a breeze, with single Ethernet cables connecting everything to anything – even when your studio is spread across multiple rooms.

NEW: SoundGrid Studio’s latest “I/O sharing” feature lets you share the same SoundGrid audio interface between multiple computers, for unprecedented flexibility in your studio.

SoundGrid Studio + eMotion ST 32-Channel Mixer
32 Channels (Stereo/Mono)    
24 Total Auxes (Stereo/Mono)
16 Monitor Auxes
8 FX Auxes
8 Audio Groups

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