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The Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin brings the control room of Abbey Road Studio 3 to your headphones, so you can produce and mix reliably wherever you are. Head tracking by the Nx Head Tracker enhances the plugin’s immersive realism.

The Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin recreates the acoustic environment of the legendary Abbey Road Studio 3—inside any set of headphones.

It delivers the same acoustic response you would be hearing in the sweet spot of the Studio 3 control room—with the same stereo (or surround) image, and the same well-balanced sustain across the entire frequency spectrum.

Now you can mix and produce in the same environment where mixing and production sessions for Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and many more were crafted and perfected.

The plugin allows you to choose between the three sets of high-end speakers at Studio 3 (near-field, mid-field, far-field), as well as the studio’s full 7.1 or 5.1 surround speaker setup. It also features headphone EQ calibration for selected popular headphone models.

This combo also includes the Nx Head Tracker, which tracks your head movements with precision, in order to enhance the immersive experience of being inside the Abbey Road Studio 3 control room.

Use Abbey Road Studio 3, complete with head tracking, to get a reliable representation of how your headphone mixes and productions will sound on speakers. Whether you are away from your acoustically treated mix room, or simply don’t have one, you can now mix on headphones and consistently predict how your mixes will sound on other systems.

-The acoustic environment of the Abbey Road Studio 3 control room—inside your headphones
-Powered by Waves Nx immersive spatial audio technology
-High-precision head tracking with the Nx Head Tracker
-Make better decisions on headphones about panning, mix depth, balance, reverb, the low end, and more
-Accurately judge how headphone sessions will translate to speakers
-Choose from Studio 3’s full lineup of stereo & surround speakers
-Headphone EQ calibration for popular headphone models

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