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How a DynPEQ Band Works from Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC on Vimeo.


Quartet DynPEQ is a plug-in offering four bands of dynamic parametric equalization along with an interpolating output peak limiter.  This plugin supports multichannel stems, which makes it appropriate to reside on the master fader or the end of the processing chain.

Dynamic Parametric EQ Geared for Mastering

  • Four DynPEQ bands
  • Multi-channel stem capable
  • Output peak limiter
  • Project patch store
  • Parametric control eliminates flat band tops and crossover points.
  • Traditional parametric filters bypass STFT granularity.
  • Side-chain processing uses total RMS measurement for fast and smooth dynamics.
  • Plug-in package includes Trio DynPEQ.

A single band is a parametric filter, selectable to peak/dip or shelf, with a corresponding dynamics curve. The RMS energy of the input signal is measured in the band of interest, and the band energy is applied to the dynamics curve to modulate the boost/cut level of the parametric filter. A band can easily be configured to act as a static parametric band or a traditional dynamics processor, in addition to its unique functionality.

Great care has been taken under the signal processing hood so that the operation of this new paradigm is performed as unobtrusively as possible. We realize that the best mastering work is the hardest to detect.

In addition to DynPEQ, Quartet offers other useful processors to the mastering engineer. The input signal is filtered by a DC-blocker that can be tuned all the way down to 0 Hz. An interpolating analog peak detector follows DynPEQ processing. Finally, a peak limiter assures that the analog peaks stay within full scale.

“The DynPEQ plugins are a Swiss army knife with the precision of a scalpel.”
—Tom Marks, Re-Recording Mixer, Warner Bros.

“Wholegrain’s DynPEQ algorithm is unparalleled in its field. The speed and musicality of its processing made me recognize that this is a tool I cannot work without. The DynPEQ plugins are as lightning fast as they are smooth and artifact free–to say nothing of the fact that Quartet embodies the best brick wall limiter I have ever used!  A game changer for sure.”
Nathaniel Kunkel, award-winning producer and engineer, Studio Without Walls

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