Leapwing Audio StageOne 2

Leapwing Audio has released StageOne 2, an update to their original StageOne plugin.  StageOne 2 allows you to enhance the soundstage of your stereo mix, and even bring mono recordings to life.

New features in StageOne 2 include:

  • 3-band controls over the stereo soundstage.  You'll now have more control over the sound stage, with a low, mid and high band, as well as adjustable crossover frequencies.
  • A visualizer that shows amplitude, frequency and perceived stereo width of both the input and output signal.
  • A new phase recovery algorithm that intelligently identifies and re-aligns out-of-phase components, skillfully avoiding information loss when summed to mono.

StageOne 2 and an upgrade for current owners of StageOne are currently on sale at The FX Chain at 40% off regular pricing.  Buy StageOne 2 Here

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