New Promo From EastWest: Hybrid Cinematic Bundles | Up to 61% OFF

Attention all music producers and composers! Are you in need of some new, high-quality virtual instruments for your next project? Look no further than the EastWest Hybrid Super Bundle and EastWest Synth Super Bundle, now on sale for a limited time!

The EastWest Hybrid Super Bundle includes the critically acclaimed Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition, as well as the FORBIDDEN PLANET and String Machine virtual instruments. This bundle is perfect for those looking to add some cinematic flair to their compositions.

The EastWest Synth Super Bundle includes the FORBIDDEN PLANET and String Machine virtual instruments, perfect for adding some retro synth sounds to your productions.

Don't miss out on this amazing deal, as the sale ends on January 31st. Upgrade your virtual instrument collection today with EastWest!

EastWest Hybrid Super Bundle $499
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