Newfangled Audio's Recirculate: The New Frontier in Effects Plugins, Now at The FX Chain

The FX Chain is excited to introduce Newfangled Audio's Recirculate, a groundbreaking mix echo delay plugin designed for modern production needs. Recirculate distinguishes itself by focusing on what truly matters in a delay effect – the sound and control.

Recirculate Features:

  • Innovative Delay Options: Recirculate is not your typical delay plugin. It offers unique control over the first echo, allowing for rhythmic diversity that can't be found in traditional delays.

  • Intuitive Control: Designed with a focus on the most audible aspects of delay, Recirculate provides immediate access to filters, drive, compression, and reverb, allowing you to shape your sound effortlessly.

  • Blend in Perfectly: Understanding the complexities of modern production, Recirculate offers features like transient control, ducking, and powerful filtering to add depth without overwhelming the mix.

  • Character and Tone: With options like overdrive, noise, compression, and granular delay, each repeat of your sound can be infused with unique character.

Available for a Limited Time at an Introductory Price

The FX Chain is offering Recirculate at an introductory price of $49 USD, 50% off its regular price. This offer is valid until February 29, 2024. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your audio projects with this versatile and powerful tool.

For more detailed information on Recirculate or to purchase it, visit Newfangled Audio's Recirculate Product Page

The FX Chain is your destination for the latest and greatest in audio technology. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive offers.

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