PSP BinAmp

PSP Audioware introduces BinAmp, a plug-in that emulates a Class-A tube amplifier, delivering warm, vintage tones with precise control.


  • High-quality signal processing algorithms.
  • Internal quad sampling (up to 192 kHz) for great sound even at low sample rates.
  • High Pass filter.
  • Preamp Character control.
  • High frequency Rolloff control.
  • Drive level control ±20 dB.
  • Output level control up to ±20 dB.
  • Adjustable Variation between channels and instances of the plug-in.
  • Input PAD –20 dB for processing high level signals.
  • Separate input and output Polarization buttons.
  • Drive or Output level indication.
  • Parameter filtering for smooth and click-free parameter adjustment.
  • Support for sample rates up to 384 kHz.
  • Only 13 samples of latency, regardless of sample rate.

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