AAS Multiphonics CV-2 + Sound Packs Bundle


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Modular Synthesizer Virtual Instrument + 2 Expansion Packs

A Fun, Yet Sophisticated Tool for Creating Synths and Effects

Dive deep into the mind-bending world of modular synthesis with Multiphonics CV-2, a powerful yet simple ecosystem for exploration, experimentation, creation, learning, and fun.

Multiphonics CV-2 is a versatile modular platform for assembling and playing patches.

With a simple and straightforward interface, Multiphonics CV-2 is a fast and efficient creation tool for musicians and sound designers.

It is also a great learning environment for newcomers.

At the core of Multiphonics CV-2 is a comprehensive library of modules, from the basics to unique and sophisticated originals, and a vast and inspiring library of patches crafted by top sound designers.


  • Can be used as a synthesizer or an effect processor
  • Straightforward interface
  • Easy synchronization in a DAW
  • Direct access to MIDI control and expression signals
  • High-level control with Macro parameters
  • Plenty of modulation options
  • Library of top-notch modules
  • Vast library of synth and effect patches by renowned artists
  • Thorough documentation and tutorial series
  • Standalone and plug-in version

The AAS Sound and Feel

At the core of Multiphonics CV-2 is a comprehensive library of first-class modules, designed to work together in an optimal manner for a coherent and consistent patching experience.

Beyond their simple look, the modules are packed with features including plenty of modulation options, audio rate modulation, curated defaults, feedback loops, etc. - all delivered with the musicality and sound quality AAS is renowned for.

Explore The Patch Collection

Get ready for a wild sonic journey with this eclectic collection of patches created by top sound designers.

From simple essential patches to the most delirious experimentations, each preset features carefully-chosen macros and documentation.

This collection was assembled to provide a comfortable starting point for the novice and a rich source of inspiration and wonderment for the creative musician and sound designer.

New in Multiphonics CV-2

  • Can now be used as an effect processor
  • 15 new modules
  • 6 Improved modules
  • 100 new effect patches
  • 50 new synth patches
  • Stereo patching
  • One-to-many module patching
  • Many-to-many module patching
  • Multimodule actions
  • Improved browser
  • Scalable UI

System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.11 El Capitan and above
  • Windows 10 and above (64-bit only)
  • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU

Plugin Formats

AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3, and Standalone

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