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Just like for the VTines and the B-5 Organ, we combined synthesis techniques and sampling to achieve a high level of playability and tweaking while maintaining a realistic sound.

This allows the VReeds to weight only 70Mb and to really sound like a Wurlitzer© Electric Piano with all of its imperfections while having a fully continuous response (if you're not convinced, listen to the 127 velocity example in our video) as well as a highly tweakable sound.

There are a few Wurlitzer Electric Pianos, but the most famous ones are the 200 and the 200A. There are subtle differences between the two models mainly due to the thickness of the Reeds and the amplifier circuit. Instead of choosing one, we decided to sample the two models and offer you the choice from the interface.

Pure Wurlitzer© sound, uncompromised playability
VReeds is based on real samples of two Wurlitzer models, a 200 and a 200A. They were both fully restored with original and well adjusted Reeds, and had a precise action that allowed for a perfect sampling while keeping all of the vintage Wurlitzer sound characteristics.

Our modeling method gives you access to a 100% continuous response, a very small sized library (70Mb for both models) and a very high tweakability.

It also ensures that the staccatos and releases that make up for half of the realism sound perfect, not like a fadeout, not too loud, just perfect.

Vibrato FX - EQ
The Wurlitzer sound is most of the time associated with the vibrato. 

We carefully reproduced the shape of the original vibrato circuit. On the original 200, the vibrato rate is fixed, but just like the very common mod, we decided to extend the vibrato capabilities and add a rate control which can be linked to the tempo. 

There is no EQ on the Wurlitzers, but it can be useful to just have one accessible quickly on the front interface.

Wurlitzers© can be recorded through the direct output, but also using its built in speakers.

On the 200 and 200A models, there are two small Speakers on each side of the front plate, on the 206 and 206A (beige models), there is a bigger speaker cabinet below the keyboard.

We captured both of these options and in both mono or stereo and we allow for a mix with the DI signal so that the VReeds fits perfectly in your mix.

FX Pedalboard
Wurlitzer© pianos are often used with FX, so we created an FX panel with the most common ones, each of them is one of the very efficient and high quality FXs made by UVI.

Each FX can be tweaked in real time.


System Requirements

UVI Workstation v3.0.0 is required for the library to function properly, the VReeds will not work on windows XP, or OSX 10.6, it will not work on a Receptor either.

The distributed library is 70Mb compressed in lossless flac format (this includes two models: a 200 and a 200A, retina graphics and presets), the overall equivalent wav file size is about 315Mb.

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