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What does ASPIRE EVO do?

Quite simply, ASPIRE EVO analyzes a vocal in real time and separates the aspiration noise (breathiness) component from the harmonic content. It then allows you to either increase or decrease the amount of aspiration noise, as well as letting you affect the character of the aspiration noise by applying a parametric EQ to the noise component.


Aspiration noise presents itself in a variety of ways, from a subtle bit of breathiness to a full-blown rasp. Of course, whether it’s a problem or not depends on the amount of noise and the style of a performance. A whole lot of roughness that would work well for screaming punk or roots blues might well be a problem for mainstream pop or a smooth ballad (of course, it also might not). Up to now, there wasn’t much you could do about it. Now, with ASPIRE EVO, there is.

Key ASPIRE EVO features include:

-The ability to match a vocal quality to a performance style by decreasing or increasing a voice’s natural breathiness
-A band of parametric EQ to modify the quality of the aspiration noise component of the vocal
-A real-time display that lets you visualize the effect of the aspiration noise processing

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