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Enhance the bass tracks in your DAW application or use the wide possibilities of the standalone application to perform live, practice with your favorite tracks, or record your bass ideas. All the functions of the original amps (Bi-Amp, filters) are available. All controls work the same way as their hardware counterparts.
Gallien-Krueger is not only famous for their amps, but also for their outstanding sounding cabinets. We have picked the most wanted ones and simulated their sound, so that you can have them in every mix from now on...
Amp Models
Select one of several amplifiers followed by a speaker selected from several models. The Pro version allows to combine two speakers. Version 2 brings a possibility to select microphone types for each speaker. Simulated amps: Gallien Krueger MB150, 800RB and 2001 RB  
Cabs and Mics
Simulated cabs: NEO 412 (Full Range), NEO 412 (Bi-Amp – Woofer), NEO 412: (Bi-Amp – Tweeter), NEO 412: (Bi-Amp – W +T), RBH 410: (Full Range), RBH 410: (Bi-Amp – Woofer), RBH 410: (Bi-Amp – Tweeter), RBH 410: (Bi-Amp – W +T), MB 150
Simulated mics: Audix D6, AKG D112, Shure SM57, Audix i5, Rode NT1-A, AKG C1000, AKG C451, Sennheiser MKH40
Compose and Practice 
GK Amps' advanced track player lets you play along with your favorite artists and learn their songs. Speed control allows you to slow down, if you can`t make it, or even speed up. The built in recorder will keep every new riff safe. Record dry bass sound, processed, or even mix with the track player.
Record and Mix
GK Amplification 2 can also be used as a plug-in module for host applications. That makes bass recording so easy. Forget about miking your (hardware) amp. Just DI your bass and GK Amplification will do the rest.
Play Live
There's no need to move around heavy stacks for every show. Simply take your laptop with GK Amplification 2 installed and use it instead. The application can be easily controlled by any MIDI controller.
System Requirements:
CPU speed 1.6 GHz (recommended 2 GHz), 300 MB of HDD spaceMac
  • VST2/VST3/AU/AAX 32/64b, Standalone app
  • Intel Core, Intel Xeon
  • Mac OS X 10.8 and newer
  • CoreAudio compatible audio interface
  • VST2/VST3/AAX 32/64b, Standalone app
  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 and newer (with SSE2 support)
  • Windows 7 and newer
  • ASIO compatible audio interface

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