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Drumazon synthesis emulates all the sounds of the original 909

The 909 still sounds excellent

The classic 909 sounds have reverberated over the decades in dance and techno, remaining relevant to this day. Drumazon sets a benchmark for faithful emulation in the digital domain.

Sounds great, out-of-the-box

The original 909 sounds a bit dry and requires extra processing for the audio to truly bloom but Drumazon’s effect chain is fully equipped to provide the right flavor, out-of-the-box.

Drum programming? A breeze

A broad feature set and expressiveness make drum programming an inspiring and easy experience.



  • Factory presets full of Scenes, Drum Kits, and Patterns
  • Drumazon emulates all 11 sounds of the original 909, matching each individual instrument with meticulous accuracy
  • Two bus effect chains with lots of different algorithms
  • MIDI export via drag'n'drop
  • With the tap function, you can seamlessly record your ideas into patterns, then edit them like any other pattern
  • Randomizer can fill a pattern according to what you specify, providing random drum lines you can edit or save seamlessly
  • Super easy-to-use and inspiring sequencer
  • Quickly adjustable velocity for accented and non-accented steps with optional global accent boost
  • Per-step Flam or several variants of Substep with editable properties will enrich your musical dictionary for yet more elaborative rhythms
  • Use a pattern trigger mode that suits you: MIDI notes, MIDI CC or GUI
  • ... and much more

Tech Specs



OS X Mac OS X 10.13 to macOS 13

Memory: 4 GB

CPU: Intel based 1.5 GHz (2.0 GHz recommended)

Plugins: VST-2, AU



Windows Windows 7 or newer

Memory: 4 GB

CPU: 1.5 GHz SSE (Multicore 2.0 GHz recommended)

Plugins: VST-2

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