GForce The Streetly Tapes SFX Console

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This is an Expansion Pack for the M-Tron Pro instrument which includes 1260 individual effects.

In collaboration with our friends at Streetly Electronics, we are delighted to bring you the original Mellotron® MKII SFX library in all its glory.

In terms of musical instrument design and production, Mellotron® history is long, complicated and full of intrigue. In today’s world one thing stands out, Streetly Electronics are the only current manufacturer providing direct lineage to those early 1960s instruments guaranteeing authenticity.


  • The sounds of the classic MKII SFX console
  • 36 tape banks
  • 35 Notes per tape bank
  • 1260 individual effects


System Requirements:

  • MAC & PC compatible. (855MB)

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