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We think it’s fair to say that Streetly’s tape collection is unrivalled, and the fact that we’re now on Volume 6 of the Streetly Tapes for M-Tron Pro reinforces this claim.

The Streetly Tapes – Vol 6 contains many previously unreleased tapes including the experimental ‘Chaos’ Tapes.

The idea behind the Chaos Tapes was to take contrasting musicians recording different notes of the same instruments in order to realise a mismatched, but tonally similar performance across the 35 notes. These tapes were never publicly released, simply because feedback from users of the original instrument largely preferred to ‘play it safe’ when it came to installing new tape frames.

However, in testing these within M-Tron Pro, especially when layering them with more uniform tape-banks from the same category, new life and dynamism is breathed into familiar tones.

Other highlights include an ultra rare Vibrato Flute, Jarring Orchestra (a special mix made for Mr Jarre’s ‘97 world tour when Streetly supplied a MKII), Tony Levin’s Electric Cello, two new Custom Orchestra mixes and a new Brass mix.

There are other more esoteric tape-banks too, including a Kazoo which never saw light of day for obvious reasons, plus an Ancient Cymbals & Tympani tape-bank, which sounds ridiculously lo-fi.


  • A GForce Software and Streetly Electronics collaboration
  • Tape banks from the original UK ‘Tron masters
  • Derived from original EMI tape-stock
  • Over 150 M-Tron Pro Patches
  • 24 carefully curated tape banks for M-Tron Pro
  • 35 notes per tape bank
  • Exclusively available via download – 601MB


The Streetly Tapes – Vol 6 Expansion Pack is only available to registered users of M-Tron Pro.

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