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What's New in v2.1.3

  • Used a limited amount of optimal possibilities for the I/O block size.
  • Added routing system and interface for output audio channels.
  • Added MIDI mapping window.
  • Added a button to skip and avoid a specific plug-in while scanning.
  • Added an interface to display the progression of the plug-in scan.
  • Added an interface to select the audio format when exporting audio files.
  • Added "Train Region(s)" action to remove all silences between regions in a time selection.
  • Increased maximum stretch factor up to 100x.
  • Added some padding on the automation interface to facilitate the node creation at the extreme values.
  • Used 48000Hz as default sample rate when exporting audio.
  • Added shortcut (command+control+f) to switch to full-screen on MacOS.
  • Optimized and improved audio resampling.
  • Added support to create document by loading an audio file directly from the OS.
  • Added support for in-place overwriting of files when exporting audio.
  • Added button to display the native audio device panel (when available)
  • Added recovery system if the application crashes.
  • Increased maximum window size up to 65536 samples.
  • Improved plug-ins scan.
  • Improved default location when loading/saving audio files and documents.


  • Improved support for audio devices.
  • Restored the active and visibility states of the automation curves saved with the document.
  • Speed-up plug-in scan and improved the stability.
  • Added ripple mode support for drag & drop action of audio regions.
  • Improved stability of the audio processing.
  • Fixed inactivity of the plug-ins during the first few seconds when exporting audio.
  • Preserved stereo image when using stretch and/or transposition.
  • Fixed Flux:: plug-ins support.
  • Included plug-ins and master processing for live recording.
  • Enabled MIDI messages for the active document only.
  • Fixed length of exported audio files.
  • Fixed a crash when stretching the automation selection.
  • Fixed a zoom inconsistency on the automation.

IrcamLAB TS2 sets a new standard in digital audio editing. It is a powerful audio toolbox application for professionals to edit or magically transform, time-stretch and manipulate audio files.

TS2 has been re-designed from scratch thanks to the amazing feedback and requests collected by users over the years. It processes an accurate real-time sonogram display and handles full automation over the "Master Module" with multi-format plug-in insertion.

As a full mono/stereo audio editor. TS2 can edit any audio regions (Copy, Cut, Paste), transpose, "Transient Design", and offer remix, extensive mastering capabilities and much more with unprecedented accuracy.

The TS2 application is a comprehensive suite of tools focused on the acclaimed SuperVP Engine to process complex audio editing tasks that includes full automation of parameters such as; Pitch, Transposition, Time Stretching, Remix Noise, Sinus & Transient. TS2 also supports the hosting of 3rd party external VST/AU effects from plug-in manufacturers.

Post-production professionals, audio engineers, sound designers, musicians and video editors alike use TS2 to transform recordings into production-ready audio files.


  • Full Audio Editing Capabilities
  • Copy, Cut, Paste, Loop functions on Audio Regions
  • Full Automation over the SuperVP™ engine
  • Individual Volume Control with Fade In & Out
  • Multi Regions Editing with Cross-fades
  • Unlimited Undo's
  • Multiple Audio Files Management
  • Multiple Documents
  • Multi Ruler Control (time, second)
  • Loop and Tempo Calculator
  • Multi Windows and Multi-Screen Visualization
  • Real-Time Sonogram View
  • Export of Audio and Command Lines
  • Multi-format VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in insertion


System Requirements


  • macOS 10.10 or later CPU Intel 64 bit
  • 4GB RAM or high recommended Display 1024x768 or higher
  • 64 bit / Standalone


  • Windows 7 or later
  • Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2
  • 4GB RAM or higher recommended Display 1024x768 or higher
  • 64 bit / Standalone

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