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This bundle includes all the Sound Libraries currently available from AAS, as listed below.


- Cinémathèque
- Sounds from BLKRTZ
- Plastic Pop
- Reverence
- Abstractions
- Raw
- Transparency
- Low End Theory
- Pivotal
- KitNetix
- Cardinals
- Microsound Textures
- Synbiosis
- Epicycles
- Cinematix
- Multiverse
- Digital Sins
- Journeys
- Entangled Species
- Frontier
- Aftermath
- Harmonic Geometry
- Masala
- Stranger Strings
- Pop Rocks
- Latin Vibes
- Good Folk
- Power Chords
- Solids
- Technocracy
- Octagon
- Angelicals
- 30.8676 Hz
- Starlight
- Ultra FX
- Analog Essentials
- String Theory
- Hover
- Blue Rhythms
- Turmoil District
- Fear Within

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