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Bundle for restoration & mastering


The Bundle for sound design, Audio restoration & mastering
Audio Master Suite combines a number of advanced software solutions for audio production and mastering into a single unique collection for professional audio editing. The products included are synced to work perfectly together and in-line with industry standards for post production, gaming audio design and international recording studios.


SpectraLayers Pro 4
iZotope RX Elements
iZotope Ozone Elements 8

-- SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3 --
With the ability to record at 24-bit/192kHz, expect astounding audio clarity. With the ability to edit down to the sample level, expect absolute audio precision. Audio mastering engineers around the world depend on the award-winning SOUND FORGE Pro Mac to generate flawless audio.

High-Resolution Recording
Record high-resolution audio at 24 bits with sampling rates as high as 192kHz. Customizable window layouts give you access to flexible hardware routing, adjustable metering utilities and up to 32 channels of simultaneous recording. Set everything up, check your levels and click record. It's that easy!

Precise Editing
The ability to edit at the sample level gives you precise control over the editing process.

Configurable viewing panels enable you to toggle between multiple open files and configure open projects for easy access to the editing features you need. Easily switch between time-based or event-based editing modes. !

Loudness metering
Precisely calibrated AES/EBU loudness meters help you make use of the entire dynamic range for broadcast audio while you ensure compliance with standards such as the CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act).

Flexible meter positioning puts you in control of the location and orientation of the meters.

Interoperability with SpectraLayers Pro 4
SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3 offers a complete round-trip workflow with SpectraLayers Pro 4.

Experience the best of both waveform editing and spectral editing. Menu commands enable you to easily move files between the two applications to utilize the unique strengths of these powerful audio tools.

Mastering for Music and Dialog
Generate perfect masters every time. Combine native mastering tools such as the Wave Hammer Compressor/Limiter with the included iZotope plug-ins to perfect the audio.

-- Spectralayers Pro 4 - Audio Restroration & Sound Design --
SpectraLayers Pro 4 sets new standards in spectral audio editing. Color-coded layers, precise selection tools, and an easy copy and paste editing workflow are all supported under the hood by impressive performance enhancements. Immerse yourself in SpectraLayers Pro for an audio restoration and sound design experience that will open new horizons on every launch.

-- Ozone 8 Elements by IZOTOPE --
High speed mastering: Mix using Ozone 8 Elements by iZotope for high quality results that are ready for broadcasting or streaming platforms. Based on unique Ozone 8 technology, Ozone Elements combine custom selected professional presets with simple macro controls for working on sound. Give a final master a fuller, more powerful sound.

• Technology used by top audio engineers, with a simplified interface
• Processing solutions based on the legendary iZotope maximizer
• Intelligent Release Control technology included (IRC)
• Over 75 select presets for professional sound
• Supports VST, AU, RTAS and AAX plug-in formats

-- RX Elements by IZOTOPE --
Audio restoration in exceptional quality. Award-winning tools for audio restoration enable you to work with total precision. RX Elements offers comprehensive editing options, spectral editing and also contains four essential plug-ins for real time audio editing.
What's in the box:

SpectraLayers Pro 4
iZotope RX Elements
iZotope Ozone Elements 8

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