Metric Halo ULN-2 3d Custom w/ 1 Jensen Transformer +DSP

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The ULN-2 3d is the result of our dream to create a piece of audio gear that provides unbelievable audio quality while at the same time offering a degree of mobility, functionality, convenience and expandability that was simply not possible until now.

The successful integration of world-class analog stages, excellent A/D/A conversion, and the amazing routing, digital mixing and MHLink connectivity enabled by the 3d platform, places the ULN-2 3d in a unique position among computer audio interfaces.

The ULN-2 3d is a portable, high–quality, modular multi-format audio converter, interface, and processor.

Each ULN-2 3d integrates:

    • Exceptional A/D Conversion (2 channels)
    • Exceptional D/A Conversion (2 channels - line level)
    • Exceptional D/A Conversion (2 channels) with independent:
      • Analog domain monitor control
      • Exceptional headphone output with dedicated Volume control
    • MH ULN preamps (2 channels)
    • AES I/O (2 Channels)
    • SPDIF I/O (2 Channels)
    • ADAT I/O (8 Channels)
    • All Analog I/O supports 96k
    • All Digital I/O supports 192k
    • 128 Channel x 64 bus mixer (up to 192k)
    • Instantiable DSP processing with over 100 plugins
    • Integrated surround-capable Monitor Controller
    • Incredibly accurate DPLL clock with ultra-low jitter
    • Seamless hardware multi-unit unification over MHLink (mixer, routing and transport)
    • MH EdgeBus Card slot with support for AES/SPDIF/MADI/ADAT/TOSLINK/MIDI (depending on card)
    • SMUX support for ADAT and MADI
    • Front panel metering and control with dedicated gain knobs
    • Bullet-proof recording with the integrated Record Panel
    • MIO Console 3d
    • MHLink Ethernet connectivity
    • USB-C connectivity

3d Card Upgrades Include:
  • MH Link- Exceptionally low-latency, Ultra-high-bandwidth audio, clock and data connections over Gigabit Ethernet.
  • MH EdgeBus- An Ultra-high-bandwidth programmable and pluggable audio expansion slot. MH EdgeBus allows you to effortlessly extend your system to be exactly the interface you need at any given moment.
  • MH Console- A modern, 64-bit application to control your entire system with a simple, lightning fast and flexible routing model and a stunning new visual design.
  • MH Mixer- 128 input x 64 bus multi-box unified zero-latency mixer.
  • MH MonitorControl- Integrated surround capable monitor controller with system processing capability. Includes Analog Domain level control on ULN-8/LIO-8 hardware.
  • MH Record- 128 input ultra-reliable multitrack recorder with deep hardware integration.
  • MH DSP Engine- Enhanced processing power and massive memory in the hardware. All 3d hardware includes the +DSP license providing over a hundred plug-ins and the unique Metric Halo Graph environment.
  • MH Link Audio- Direct Ethernet CoreAudio driver (with support for up to 128 channels of I/O @ 192k).
  • USB Audio- USB-C Class Audio Interface.

Amazing Mic Pres
ULN stands for Ultra Low Noise and the Mic Pres in ULN-2 live up to the name. Providing massive gain (up to 72 dB) with an EIN of -130.5 dBu, fantastic detail and an ultra-fast slew rate, the ULN Mic pres are up to the most demanding recording situations you can throw at them. Each input supports independently switchable P48 phantom power. They are not just great for preamps on an interface; they are great preamps, full-stop.

The combination of the super transparent ULN preamp and Metric Halo’s exclusive insertable Character Component Modeling Processing provides flexibility and sound quality that’s unavailable on any other interface. You can transition from a wire-with-gain pre to a gooey tube pre or anything in between; every input can have the right Character for the sound you desire.

The preamp input path on the ULN-2 also supports input levels of up to +20dBu with its switchable input trim, so you can handle high SPL with sensitive mics as well as you can handle extremely low SPL with insensitive mics (like ribbon mics and low output dynamics).

In all cases the input noise of the mic pre is incredibly low, providing an EIN of -130.50 dBu (@ 60dB of gain) with a mic that has a 150 Ω source impedance.

Jensen Transformer Option for ULN-2
The ULN-2 possesses virtually every characteristic that is coveted in a Mic Preamp: exceptionally low noise at all gains, exceptionally high gain, excellent common mode and RFI rejection, incredibly flat frequency response, and ultra-low distortion. It simply increases the level of what you put into it without having to consider the nature of the source: Dynamic Mics, Phantom Powered Mics, Ribbon Mics, Instrument or line level signals are all handled with equal ease and quality.

The ULN-2 is an incredibly good Mic Pre, but sometimes you want something that isn’t quite “so pristine”. It is well known that a certain amount of low-order harmonic distortion has a way of adding “depth” and “sheen” to everything — which explains the high regard for classic transformer coupled preamps.

With the transformer option installed, the ULN-2 acquires that classic character. A few years ago, we fitted a prototype ULN-2 with a pair Jensen JT16-A's just for fun. We found that there were some very nice benefits to transformer coupling the input stage of the ULN-2. The Transformers impart a more “glossy”, “smoothed” sound than the capacitively coupled ULN-2, which simply faithfully passes the source. Sonically, it's kind of like the difference between images shot on film and images shot in HD.

A second benefit is that the transformer completely electrically isolates the preamp from the source – raising the common mode rejection above its already excellent performance, and providing a measure of confidence when dealing with the unknowns of location sound.

The transformer option requires factory installation; we have to remove the cap coupling from your existing ULN-2 and carefully add the Jensen transformers to the signal path. When you order your upgrade, we will issue an RMA for you to send your unit into the Custom Shop and our technicians will install the option for you. Turn around time is typically 1 week from date of receipt of the unit. If you simply want to order a new ULN-2 with the transformer option pre-installed at the factory, you can do that as well; this version of the ULN-2 is available directly from Metric Halo via Metric Halo Direct or from your dealer.

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