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The Earth's Ancient Voice

Caprakan reimagines ancient earthen sounds and shapes them into a myriad of unusual and inspiring instruments.

Including over 50 individual rare instrument sources, Caprakan fuses traditional instruments from Andean and Mesoamerican cultures with explorations of electronically-excited vibrating matter.

Within these rare sources, you will discover deep percussion, expressive winds, detailed strings, and organic noise-like sources to give you a colorful foundation to conceive and design amazing music and sounds.



  • 100+ Presets
  • 50 Instrument Sample Maps
  • Up to 18 Round Robins
  • Up to 3 Dynamic Layers
  • 4 Blendable Microphone Channels
  • (Close, Far, Vintage, and Resonant)

Proprietary Engine - VST/AU Plugin included. No additional software required.

3-Axis Universal Controls - Simply map your favorite controller once for all plugin instances.

Intuitive Performance GUI - Custom animation-driven performance interface & mouse hover interactions.

Industry Leading Audio Quality - 384khz/32-bit extended ultrasonic range sample sources

CPU-Efficient In-Engine Playback - industry-leading 24-bit 96kHz resolution

The Story of Caprakan

Earthy, dark, and cinematic, Caprakan takes inspiration from the Mayan god of mountains and earthquakes.

Furious and powerful, Caprakan vibrates and shatters matter, creating potent sounds that travel hundreds of kilometers.

Together with Huracan, Caprakan lets you explore a possible alternate reality where cultures from Central and South America, free from colonialism, were able to continue developing their musical instruments, creating an entirely individual style of electronic music tools.

Core to the creation of Caprakan is MNTRA's interest in learning and mastering these ancient instruments, and our continuous search for novel sounds and processes.

Led by their extensive experience creating award-winning musical sound worlds for AAA video games, they created Caprakan to be an all-inclusive sound palette, offering a curated selection of all the potential layers of a musical piece: rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, and beyond.

Within the Animistic Sampler Engine, MNDALA 2, these incredibly deep samples expand infinitely in possibility.

Using the proprietary 3-axes global control system, countless parameters can be expressively manipulated in real-time, allowing you to create ever-evolving soundscapes just with one preset!

Whether you're looking for quick inspiration in the vast library of handcrafted presets, or want to delve deep into sound design using backend parameters that allow the shaping of every element, Caprakan enables you to conceive unique musical sounds never heard before, that are surprisingly full of life and magic.

What's Inside?


  • Pájaro Whistle (Short, Long, Warble 1, Warble 2).
  • Death Whistle
  • Brazilian Hunting Whistle (Short, Long)
  • Mini Quena (Straight)
  • Mayan Double Flute (Flutter)
  • Bird Ocarina (Straight, Whisper)
  • Mayan Double Flute (Tremolo)
  • Large Hybrid Reed (Long)
  • Overtone Flute (Left, Right)
  • Small Clay Flute (Short, Long)
  • Two-Tone Flute (Short, Long)
  • Mayan Horn (Short 1, Short 2)
  • Mayan Horn (Long 1, Long 2)
  • Mayan Horn + Drum Resonator
  • Re-Amped Flute
  • Gaita (Short, Short Flutter)


  • Medium Teponaztlis Mallet Hit
  • Large Teponaztlis Mallet Hit
  • Large Teponaztlis Side Hit
  • Giant Teponaztlis Mallet Hit
  • Giant Drum Shaker Hit (1, 2)
  • Giant Drum Finger Rub
  • Giant Drum Mallet Hit
  • Huehuetl Mallet Hit
  • Gourd Skin Resonator


  • Arco del Duende ( Pluck 1, Pluck 2)
  • Arco del Duende Bowed (Short, Long)
  • Hybrid Mayan Reed (Short, Long)

System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.11 El Capitan and above
  • Windows 7 and above (64-bit only)
  • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU
  • 8GB RAM or more
  • 15GB free storage space

Plugin Formats

AU and VST3

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