NUGEN Audio AMB Enterprise Module

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Audio management batch processor


*Please note, the Enterprise Extension Module requires either the Loudness Module or the Upmix Module to operate. These modules are available separately.*

Available for download, the Nugen Audio AMB Enterprise Extension Module is part of the company's Audio Management Batch (AMB) processing system. This module helps in the area of media asset management (MAM), optimizing efficiency for the networked workflows of large post-production teams.

The Enterprise Extension helps you set up and automate key tasks, including email notifications for queue completion and analysis failure. With cross-platform command-line support, this module helps a post-production team stay organized and efficient in the automation of simple, repetitive, yet necessary tasks. This helps ensure assets will reach their eventual destination having passed through the necessary quality-control checks.

Key Features at a Glance

Full automation, scripting, and reporting in AMB
Post-processing script execution
Cross-platform command-line support (OSX/Windows)

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