NUGEN Audio AMB Loudness Module

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Rapid, file based loudness profiling


The AMB Loudness Module from Nugen Audio is part of the company's Audio Management Batch (AMB) processing system, designed for post-production facilities that require a fast workflow with large file workloads. The core module provides rapid, file-based loudness profiling and correction to ITU-R BS 1770 (CALM) and EBU R128 standards.

The software uses threaded algorithm processing and multiple processing threads that are addressable for parallel-file and queue handling. Watched folders, warning indicators, along with detailed postmortem log files and graphing are all managed from the flexible intuitive interface. This allows for easily meeting multiple/complex delivery requirements through detailed auto-correct conditions, typically processing files at up to 100x real time.

The base configuration of AMB accesses two watch folders/queues as standard, and includes two independent processing threads that optimize workflows by allowing two simultaneous processes to run in parallel. This can be scaled up by using the optional AMB Queue Expansion, for a possible total of sixteen queues, while the AMB Thread Expansion provides additional processing threads when heavy-duty processing is required.

-Fully modular processing options
-Two independent watch folders
-Two simultaneous processing threads
-Drag-and-drop interface
-Data export (Text, Image, XML, detailed and summary)
-Analysis typically at over 100x real time
-Future-proof expansion and scalability

Mac System Requirements:
OS X 10.7.x, or later
512 MB RAM

Windows System Requirements:
Windows Vista (64-bit), or later
512 MB RAM

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