NUGEN Audio Halo Downmix Surround to Stereo Downmixer Plug-In with 3D Immersive Extension

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Downmix from Dolby Atmos


*This extension requires the Halo Downmix plug-in.*

The NuGen Audio Halo Downmix Surround to Stereo Downmixer Plug-In with 3D Immersive Extension offers two useful processors for rebalancing existing surround mixes and creating precise downmixes of 5.1 and 7.1 surround material to a stereo mix. The 3D Immersive Extension allows you to downmix from 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos all the way down to stereo 2.1.

The plug-ins are compatible with Mac and Windows platforms and operate in AAX, AU, AudioSuite, RTAS, and VST formats.

NuGen Audio Halo Downmix - Surround to Stereo Downmixer Plug-In:

Halo Downmix from NuGen Audio is a plug-in designed to create precise downmixes of surround material to a stereo mix, or to re-balance existing surround mixes. It provides audio post-production engineers with the controls necessary to generate stereo mixes for television within a surround workflow, rapidly deliver a controlled stereo downmix of a 5.1/7.1 feature film, or fine-tune existing surround audio where access to the original mix is not possible.

Halo Downmix's flexible and intuitive interface allows for critical listening and rapid assessment of mix issues with features such as surround/stereo monitoring modes, "in-place" monitoring, and quick-linked solo/mute at every stage. Equipped with a meter that provides real-time analysis of the surround energy distribution, the plug-in enables you to adjust the surround mix before it is downmixed to stereo. You can set the balance between the direct and ambient signals, remove rear-channel delay artifacts, regulate low-frequency content, and easily achieve accurate surround/stereo coherence, from the initial surround material.
Precise Downmix and Surround Re-Balancing

-Surround 5.1/7.1 to stereo downmixing
-Maintain dialog quality
-Remove rear-channel delay artifacts — automatic rear-channel delay detection
-Control excess ambient energy — ambient/direct sound balance
-Fine-tune surround to surround material
-Regulate low-frequency content
-Surround input width control
-Rear-channel shelf filters


-Stereo-mix production for television within a surround workflow
-Rapidly produce a controlled, precise stereo downmix of a 5.1 or 7.1 feature film
-Generate a stereo mix from surround where no stereo recording exists
-Produce stereo interim listening mixes in a surround workflow
-Simultaneous surround/stereo workflow
-Surround re-balancing
-Downmix rescue
-Surround restoration

Flexible and Intuitive Interface:

-7.1 and 5.1 modes
-Advance and compact modes
-Quick-select "in-place" monitoring of stereo and surround
-Quick-linked solo and mute at every stage

Reliable Metering:

-Full input and output level metering
-Direct numerical entry of all gain offsets
-Adjustable meter color splits
-Surround energy distribution visualization

NuGen Audio Halo Downmix 3D Immersive Extension:

The NuGen Audio Halo Downmix 3D Immersive Extension expands the core Halo Downmix algorithm to allow post-production engineers to create precise downmixes of 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos surround material, all the way down to 2.1 stereo mixes.

Key Features:

-Extension adds capability for downmixing 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos bed tracks to 7.1, 5.1, and stereo format files
-Provides additional visual feedback and additional parameters

System Requirements:
OS X 10.7.x
RAM: 512 MB

XP and higher
RAM: 512 MB

Surround-capable DAW/NLE

Plug-In Compatibility:

VST, VST3, AU, AudioSuite (32-/64-bit)
AAX (64-bit only)

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