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Version 2 upgrade from Ver. 1


Upgrade to Version 2 from Version 1

The leading workstation solution for loudness compliant delivery. Everything you need to intuitively produce loudness-normalised audio, seamlessly integrated into your audio production workflow.

With VisLM’s clear loudness metering it’s so easy to mix towards compliance without breaking the creative flow.

With ISL on the master bus you can listen to true-peak compliant audio ‘in-place’, without needing to check louder sections separately for traditional limiter artefacts and true-peak compliance.

And LM-Correct brings faster than real-time quick-check-and-fix processing to your desk top, with internal true-peak correction if you need it. Two clicks and you’re done.

Both VisLM-H and LM-Correct are included as plugin and stand alone applications.

VisLM 2

Breathtaking speed - remembers all loudness data
Locked to time-code, up to 12 hours worth
All edits and overdubs can easily be re-measured calculating overall loudness
Leq(m) included
AudioSuite faster than real-time pre-loading of loudness history
Data saves with project, to instantly continue upon reopening
New fully resizable interface
New history inspector – drill down against time-code to any level of complexity


Enhanced transparency and ease of operation
Auto-detects limiting audio frequency content
New enhanced real-time limiting visualisation
Unique ducking and steering meters to guide you to the perfect settings
Enhanced centre channel dependency for surround operation

LM-Correct 2

Ultimate peace of mind
Fully EBU R128 S1 compliant
Switchable dynamics processing of short-term and momentary loudness
Leq(m) included
Adobe Premiere Panel, Avid AudioSuite, Stand-alone
Unique DynApt LRA dynamics re-purposing expansion option
Up to 7.1 surround including Sony and Microsoft standards

Available formats

Support AAX, VST, VST3, AU and AudioSuite in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. RTAS is also available as 32-bit only.

Minimum System Specification

Mac OSX 10.6.x, 512 MB RAM
Windows XP or above, 512 MB RAM

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