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Make Bass Louder More Focussed


Monofilter Elements from NUGEN Audio is a bass management plug-in that can provide sharpness and definition to the bass frequencies of a mix. With the non-directional nature of low frequencies, and through inappropriate processing, bass parts can lack clarity and focus. To that end, the software allows for balancing low frequencies with minimum effort, allowing the bass to sound louder, more focused, and better-defined.

The plug-in has less functionality compared to the company's Monofilter, but with user friendly controls, bass energy can be quickly anchored while retaining the character of the original sound. Additionally, the software provides good playback performance on systems with separate low-frequency handling, such as club PAs, live rigs, hi-fi and 2.1 gaming systems.


Align and balance low frequencies with minimum effort
Eliminate weak, hollow bass
A|B feature for comparing tweaks easily
Linear phase high pass filter
Fix samples or restore old recordings
Unlimited undo/redo

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