NUGEN Audio Visualizr 1 to 2 Upgrade

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Upgrade Visualizer 1 to 2


he Visualizer from NUGEN Audio is a spectrum-analyzer plug-in that is designed for use in a multitude of recording, mixing and mastering situations. It is compatible with Mac and Windows and requires use of a host program that supports Avid, Audio Units, or VST plug-ins.

The Visualizer is an audio-analysis tool that can help you identify problematic frequencies, fundamentals, harmonics and much more. It has several visual displays including a traditional spectrum-analysis display, a spectrogram display that shows level and frequency history with a zoom control, and primary and secondary meter displays which allow for multiple metering types to be viewed simultaneously. Some of the different metering types include standard peak and RMS metering, K-Scale meters and a stereo margin indicator that displays dB remaining until clip.

The software is designed to be helpful in a wide variety of use cases. It features a -20 dBFS RMS pink noise signal generator that can be used for acoustical testing purposes. It can be used to aide in "room tuning" for analyzing the acoustical properties of acoustic spaces such as control rooms, live rooms, auditoriums and more. Use Visualizer in recording situations for helping to determine mic placements, for EQing and more. Use it in mixing and mastering for investigating hard-to-hear low-frequency issues, honing in on problem areas, examining phase relationships, peak monitoring and more.

Use to aide in leveling for broadcast standards
Comprehensive banding options include full-spectrum, 1/3- and 1/6-octave banding
Correlation meter for metering relationships between discrete parameters of audio
Vector Scope phase analysis provides traditional rotated x/y oscilloscope with a polar interpretation and a stereo meter
Mid/side analysis functions to aide mid-side processing techniques
Comparison mode allows direct comparison of two sources within a single Visualizer interface

System Requirements

OS X 10.7.x
512 MB RAM
Host software that supports 64-bit and 32-bit versions of AAX Native, Audio Units, AudioSuite, VST, VST3 and 32-bit RTAS plug-in formats

Windows XP or later
512 MB RAM
Host software that supports 64-bit and 32-bit versions of AAX Native, AudioSuite, VST, VST3 and 32-bit RTAS plug-in formats

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