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Synchronous Timed-Effect Modulator


Building on the latest Rack Extension technology, Synchronous is an inspiring modulation plug-in that offers rhythmically synced effects that bring your music to life. With the built-in waveform tools, you can easily draw and dial in Distortion, Filter, Reverb, Delay and Level for anything from side-chain pumping and tremolos to beat-repeating and tweaked out wobbles.
Product details

Animate your pad, wobble your bass or glitch up your samples. Draw complex modulation waveforms with Synchronous’ drawing tools. Assign the waveforms to the built in effect units and enjoy an energy boost to your sound. The Synchronous Rack Extension for Reason is a modulation powerhouse that was created to add motion and spark to your music.

Use Synchronous to quickly call up straightforward effects such as tremolo or ducking, or use it to build complex modulation chains with several parallel modulation curves.
More than 100 patches included

Synchronous ships with tons of great sounding modulation preset patches, courtesy of renowned sound designer Nucleus SoundLab.
Synchronous and your rack

Aside from driving the built in effects, Synchronus’ modulation engine can be routed to just about anything using Reason’s control voltage connectors on the back side of the Reason rack. Use one curve to control the distortion amount on a Scream 4 distortion unit added to an audio track. Use another curve to add motion to a pad in Parsec by modulating engine parameters. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Intuitive graphic user interface allows you to draw unique modulation curves directly in the device
Four built-in effects: Distortion, Filter, Delay and Reverb
100+ great sounding modulation patches
Use CV out to control other effect devices in the Reason rack.

New in version 1.0.2

Minor bug fixes

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