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Available for download, the Slate Digital Classic Tubes 3 is an expansion pack for users of the Slate Digital VMS (Virutal Microphone System). The VMS provides emulations along with its flat frequency response microphone. This expansion pack provides five more emulations, all of them boasting the sound of tubes.

The five models included are the FG-49, the FG-67 MKII, the FG-37A, the FG-44, and the FG-47 MKII. These modules operate within the VMR (Virtual Mix Rack) plug-in. When you want to use a mic model in your DAW, simply instantiate the VMR plug-in, and you'll be able to access the Virtual Preamp Collection as well as any other VMR plug-in that you currently own or for which you subscribe. These modules are Mac and Windows compatible. They can operate in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

This module models a famous German tube mic with a dominant and rich midrange as well as an airy and smooth top end. It's suited for vocals, drum rooms, pianos, horns, and even kick drums.

As the 67 included in the original VMS collection sports a low-pass filter mod that makes it brighter than a typical 67, Slate Digital decided to model the original, modless 67. It's somewhat dark on the top end with lush lows. It's suited for many instruments.

This module recreates a vintage Japanese tube microphone, one with a sculpted midrange that suits vocals, acoustic guitars, drum overheads, and pianos.

This is a ribbon mic, though delivered in a cardioid polar pattern. It's preceded by a custom tube stage that gives it harmonic lift and provides a smooth vintage tone.

Similar to the stock 47, this emulation models a mic with smoother upper-mids and a smoother top. It also has a fatter low-midrange than the stock 47. It's suited for vintage vocals, kick drums, and bass cabinets.

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