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The intelligent EQ for creators

Discover the potential of your mixes with Sonible pure:EQ! This intelligent EQ powered by AI lets you sculpt audio frequencies in an unprecedented way, bringing out the best in your audio recordings and pushing your mixes to a whole new level. Enjoy unparalleled clarity and dynamics with Sonible pure:EQ - get it now from The FX Chain!

pure:EQ offers control over spectral distribution in a simple package – transforming your track’s tone and character in just a couple of clicks.

Using the power of AI to realize your creative ideas

pure:EQ’s neural networks are able to generate a filter curve that balances your track, making sure that the energy distribution of your audio material results in a smooth sound. With its unique learning feature and broad range of profiles, getting the best out of your track is just a matter of selecting and clicking. pure:EQ is a straightforward solution designed for creators who appreciate pro-level sound and a simplified control set.

Bring out the best audio characteristics of your track

In only a few seconds, pure:EQ analyzes your audio signal, finds any weak spots and then enhances your audio’s tone by deriving an EQ curve that corrects any spectral deficiencies – from harsh frequencies in need of taming to dull parts requiring serious boosting. pure:EQ knows what’s necessary for a well-balanced sound and does the job quickly and precisely.

Your sonic vision rules

Even highly heterogeneous audio material is no big deal for pure:EQ. With its dynamic adaption feature, the intelligent filter updates over time, keeping up with any signal that changes throughout your track. pure:EQ also sports three Style options: warm, neutral and bright – enabling you to achieve that desired tone with one simple click. You can also use the overall Range selectors to determine the lowest and highest frequency limits for processing, leaving any sub bass and airy high frequencies untouched.



  • Automatic parametrization for high-quality results
  • Intelligent processing and input-specific profiles
  • Balance control, style selector and dynamic adaption

Tech Specs



OS X OSX 10.12+

CPU: Intel Core (i5), M1

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX



Windows Windows 10 (64 bit)

CPU: Intel Core (i5)

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX

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