Trip'n Lab MiniST

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The Key To A New 3D Sound Universe
Sound Trajectory is a powerful application designed for sound creators to construct completely immersive soundscapes.

miniST is identical to the full Sound Trajectory software with the only exception that it is limited to 16 trajectories and 32 audio inputs.

The semi-modular design of this software makes it possible to adapt easily to the users’ needs for a specific project.

For the studio or live work, it works either as a standalone application or connected to other multichannel audio and video solutions via their inputs and outputs, or DAW via Ircam Labs' Tosca plug-in for automation control.

The built-in audio engine offers intuitive settings for setting up the configuration of your virtual space. The internal audio engine can be turned off to use an external audio render and controlled by OSC directly from the Sound Trajectory interface.

The aim of Sound Trajectory is to help you create and control sound trajectories in 3D virtual space with powerful and simple to use tools.

The Sound Trajectory Suite is divided into three programs:

STmixer - is for mixing sound sources
STsampler - is an ambisonic sampler
STcontrol - is dedicated to control external audio engines in OSC

System Requirements

Windows Requirements

  • Windows 10 minimum and above
  • Processor i5 2GHz or better,
  • 64 bit Support
  • 4 GB Ram Minimum

Mac Requirements

  • OSX 10.12 and above
  • Processor i5 2GHz or better,
  • 64 bit Support
  • 4 GB Ram Minimum

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