WaveDNA Liquid Music & Rhythm Bundle

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Liquid Music is a powerful software plug-in that helps you instantly produce original song ideas. No more waiting around for inspiration to strike. Simply create inspiring beats, chord progressions and melodies using a unique visual workflow. It’s the quickest way to inspire new ideas and conquer writer’s block. No more piano-roll tedium, no more MIDI noodling—just exhilarating, effortless creation on your terms. With

Liquid Music, you can:

  • Paint melodies, harmonies and chords using the revolutionary Sketch tool
  • Make unique beats instantly using a collection of rhythmic building blocks
  • Tweak and evolve song ideas in real-time using five layers of control
  • Fully integrate into your DAW with VST / AU / AAX / Max for Live plugins

Liquid Music is a bundle that contains:

  • Liquid Music VST / AU / AAX 
  • Liquid Music Max for Live / AMXD
  • Liquid Rhythm VST / AU
  • Liquid Rhythm Max for Live
  • Liquid Rhythm Standalone 



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