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Electronic, EDM Presets Expansion for LittleOne


Hot Circuits represents the third of a series, a spiritual successor to Electro Punks and Tension Peaks expansions. As for the previous chapters, Electronic, Alternative, EDM lovers will find this presets and sequences collection extremely useful and versatile while its multiform nature will catch everyone else, making it a reference also for Film soundtracks and Ambient music composers.

-Physical modeling simulation of real analogue hardware, achieved by the adoption of the Advanced Component Simulation (ACS) approach—oscillators, filters, envelopes are built preserving their original architecture, featuring all the micro-instabilities and imperfections of the analog technology.

-Full 64-bit processing accuracy for every single aspect of the simulation.

-An all-in-one complete setup: analog synthesizer, analog sequencer, trancegate effect, and insert/master effects.

-Two aliasing-free analog modeled oscillators proving the same capacitors' charging/discharging responses as found on the original analog circuits featuring a continuous waveform selection mode (morphing) between triangle, sawtooth, square, and pulse (including pulse-width modulation).

-A legendary 4-pole resonant low-pass ladder filter (modeled with the topology-preserving transform / zero-delay feedback approach) providing all of the original non-linearities, frequency responses (also at extreme modulation scenarios), self-oscillation, soft-clipping, and overload control.

-Two 4-stage (ADSR) envelope generators providing the same capacitors' charging/discharging responses as found on the original analog circuits.

-True analog polyphony: In addition to a classic monophonic mode, polyphony (many voices) is achieved by simulating four fully-independent synthesis systems (devices) separately, as expected in the original hardware specification extension. Each of the four independent voices (devices) can also be tuned/detuned separately for an even more deep and rich polyphonic sound.

-Including a huge 400+ ready-to-use factory presets collection covering all styles, from vintage analog leads and basses to frequency modulation sequences, contemporary cutting-edge electronic motion pads, trance stabs, complex psychoacoustic constructions, and percussive and special sound effects. All the original Little Phatty factory patches (Stage Edition and Tribute Edition) are also included.

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