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IronAxe LittleOne Together


IronAxe from XHUN Audio is a software model of a legendary electric guitar series that faithfully simulates all of the acoustic and electronic components found in the original instruments, and preserves the same nuances and multi-techniques playability that are otherwise difficult to perform on sampled instruments.

Build a custom Stratocaster or Telecaster guitar, choose pickup type, number and position, set the tone knobs to the desired sound, and select the plectrum hardness or pluck a string with fingers at any point along its length. All of this and more can be controlled in realtime using a MIDI keyboard or a supported MIDI guitar.

-Physical modeling of electronic and acoustic components

-All-in-one complete electric guitar + effects/stompboxes + amp/cabinets setup

-Sound output generated, not sampled

-True-to-life sound and articulation playability

-Smooth dynamics - no velocity layers

-Instrument and presets load almost instantaneously

-Small memory footprint

-Solid body model with two or three pickups choices

-Select the plectrum hardness or pluck a string with fingers at any point along its length

-Independent simulation of each of the six strings, with choice of strings material, tension values, and more

-Select pickups type (single-coil, humbucker, steelplate), number and position

-Performance engine allows real-time, multi-techniques playability (palm muting, tapping harmonics, strumming, etc.,) using a standard MIDI keyboard

-Perform complex strums, phrases and riffs with ease and in true real-time, using a MIDI keyboard

-Play/touch each of the six virtual strings individually and in true real-time, for true-to-life arpeggios using a MIDI keyboard

-Native MIDI guitar control

-Master compressor and equalizer

-Four insert effects slots, featuring ten analog modeled stompboxes

-Amp/Cabinet simulation, featuring six legendary cabinets

-Full MIDI CC (Continuous Controller) mapping

-44.1 to 192 kHz sample rate support

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