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This studio has been the birthplace to many of the most beloved rock, folk, and indie albums in history. With Fairfax Vol. 2, you can have its warmer, mellower drum sounds in your music.

Fairfax Vol. 2 is the second half of our acclaimed Fairfax collection. Like Vol. 1, this ADpak was recorded in the legendary studio at Fairfax Recordings (formerly known as Sound City) where countless classic albums were recorded.

This ADpak features a late-60s Gretsch "Round Badge" drum kit with a round, full tone. When paired with the great-sounding room at Fairfax Recordings, this warm and punchy kit really brings your tracks to life! Perfect for a variety of styles, especially rock, folk, and indie.

Product Details

Few studios are important enough to have a feature-length documentary made about them. The studio at Fairfax Recordings (formerly known as Sound City) is one of those places. Since 1969, this unassuming Los Angeles facility has been the birthplace of so many chart-topping and culturally important albums, it's nothing short of amazing. The well-maintained vintage gear, the irreplaceable microphones, and the room itself are first-rate and we think it shows in our result!

Fairfax Vol. 2 features a 1960's Gretsch "Round Badge" kit in near mint condition, matched with two great vintage Ludwig snares and a selection of custom handmade cymbals. It includes 30 professionally-designed presets that deliver a round, warm, punchy sound. These versatile tones fit well in many kinds of music - especially pop, rock, folk and indie. If you need further inspiration, our American Indie MIDIpak has tons of professionally played beats to get you started.

Fairfax Vol. 2 contains

22x14" Gretsch Round Badge


14x6.5" Ludwig Black Beauty
14x5" Ludwig 20's Two-Piece Brass


13x9" Gretsch Round Badge (low tuned)
13x9" Gretsch Round Badge (high tuned)
16x16" Gretsch Round Badge (low tuned)
16x16" Gretsch Round Badge (high tuned)


16" Iveson's Selection Hihat
20" Iveson's Selection Thin Crash
21" Iveson's Selection Crash
24" Iveson's Selection Dark Crash
24" Iveson's Selection Bright Ride


Gretsch Round Badge Tom Shell Hit
2x4" Wood

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