XLN Audio Mod Jazz Brushes ADPACK2

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Few things are more alluring and seductive than the sound of drums played with brushes. If your music needs brushed drums, you need this kit.

With brushes it's all about the nuances and accents. Our RealSweep system lets you make realistic sweeps complete with accent strokes and lifelike stops resulting in the most irresistible grooves! Production-ready presets give you instant access to great sounds.

Product Details

The Modern Jazz Brushes ADpak features a beautiful Premier Gen-X drum set and a mint condition Ludwig Acrolite snare drum famous for its rich sound and tone. The drums are played with brushes and have been tuned up slightly for a Modern Jazz sound. With a setup of some of the finest cymbals from Meinl, Paiste and Sabian this kit has everything you need to produce outstanding jazz tracks.

Our RealSweep system allows you to make accents in the sweeps without interupting the sweep motion. You can also stop the sweep at any time for pauses. This gives you extremely realistic brush performances for an irresistible groove! If you need some inspiration, our Jazz Brushes Grooves MIDIpak features excellent performances by professional drummers and makes great use of RealSweep!

Modern Jazz Brushes contains

18x14" Premier Gen-X (played with soft beater)


14x5" Ludwig Acrolite


10x8" Premier Gen-X
12x8" Premier Gen-X
14x14" Premier Gen-X
16x16" Premier Gen-X


14" Sabian HHX Groove Hats Hihat
18" Meinl Byzance Crash
18" Paiste Mellow Crash
19" Sabian HHXtreme Crash
21" Meinl Byzance Medium Ride


Meinl Single Chrome Tambourine

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