XLN Audio Mod Soul R&B ADPACK - AD2

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A big kick, fat side stick snares and smooth cymbals make this the perfect kit for your Modern Soul and R&B productions.

This ADpak includes smooth, fat sounds that are carefully selected to give your Modern Soul and R&B tracks a platinum shine. Our production-ready presets make it easy to get to work right away, or you can effortlessly build up the perfect kit from scratch. The powerful Addictive Drums 2 engine makes it easy to blend in electronic or acoustic sounds, link kit pieces and make the sonic tweaks that give your productions a unique edge.

Product Details

Modern Soul and R&B features a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple kit with two different snares: A deeper Longo Solid Ply Cherry for big, fat hits (especially with side sticks) and a more shallow, high tuned snare for tighter, snappier hits. The smooth sounding Meinl cymbals and hihat were hand-selected to work with this kit as well as the target musical genres.

This ADpak includes over 30 professionally-designed presets that deliver instant, radio-ready sounds for use in modern R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Nu Jazz. For even more inspiration, we've created an accompanying Modern Soul and R&B Beats MIDIpak, giving you instant access to grooving organic beats, all played and programmed by top session drummers.

Modern Soul And R&B contains

22x16" Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Kick


14x5.5" Longo Solid Ply Cherry
14x5" Ludwig Acrolite 1968


10x7.5" Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Tom
12x8" Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Tom
14x13" Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Tom
16x15" Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Tom


15" Meinl Byzance Dual Hihat
18" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Crash
20" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Crash
22" Meinl Byzance Vintage Crash
21" Meinl Byzance Transition Ride



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