Cherry Audio Rackmode Signal Processors on Sale at The FX Chain

The FX Chain is excited to announce a limited-time offer on Cherry Audio Rackmode Signal Processors. From February 1st to March 1st, this sought-after plugin is available at a 61% discount, priced at only $39.

About Cherry Audio Rackmode Signal Processors

Cherry Audio's Rackmode Signal Processors brings the classic sound of Moog modular signal processing to the digital realm. It's designed for producers and engineers seeking the warmth and depth of analog audio effects with the convenience of a digital interface.

The collection includes:

  • Rackmode Vocoder (instrument and effects versions)
  • Rackmode Phaser
  • Rackmode Ring Modulator
  • Rackmode String Filter
  • Rackmode Frequency Shifter
  • Rackmode Graphic EQ
  • Rackmode Parametric EQ

Sale Details

  • Offer: 61% off, now $39
  • Duration: February 1st to March 1st

Purchasing Information

To purchase or learn more about the Cherry Audio Rackmode Signal Processors, visit The FX Chain product page.

This offer is an excellent opportunity for audio professionals to acquire a versatile and high-quality audio processing tool at a significant discount. Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your production capabilities.

For future updates and offers, keep an eye on The FX Chain's website and newsletters.

The FX Chain Team

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