Collage of Audified RZ062, U73B, U78

The FX Chain is thrilled to bring you an exclusive opportunity to upgrade your audio toolkit with Audified's Boutique Legends at unbeatable prices. From now until February 11th, save up to 40% on select Audified plugins that are renowned for their precision, quality, and unique character. These tools offer a blend of vintage warmth and modern clarity, making them indispensable for producers and audio engineers alike.

Featured Plugins on Sale

Audified RZ062 Equalizer - Now $59

Discover the legendary sound shaping capabilities of the RZ062 Equalizer. Designed to emulate the tonal balance of rare boutique console gear, the RZ062 provides unparalleled warmth and clarity to your mixes. It's perfect for achieving that sought-after vintage sound with the precision of modern software. Explore more and secure your license here.

Audified U73B Compressor/Limiter - Now $39

The U73B Compressor/Limiter is renowned for its simple yet versatile operation, making it an excellent tool for treating all your tracks. Whether you're gluing a mix together or adding punch to individual elements, the U73B offers the dynamics control you need with the musicality you desire. Grab this deal here.

Audified U78 Saturator - Now $39

Achieve a crispy and colored sound with the U78 Saturator. This plugin is an enhanced saturator inspired by classic tape machines and valves, designed to add harmonics and warmth to your tracks. It's an essential tool for adding depth and character to your music. Don't miss out on this offer available here.

Why Choose Audified Boutique Legends?

Audified has a long-standing reputation for creating plugins that faithfully replicate the nuances of vintage hardware. The Boutique Legends collection is no exception, offering you the chance to infuse your projects with the magic of rare and legendary studio equipment without the prohibitive cost or maintenance of the original hardware.

Each plugin has been meticulously modeled to ensure that every knob turn and setting brings you closer to the sound you're chasing. Whether you're mixing, mastering, or creatively shaping your sound, these tools provide the flexibility and quality that modern productions demand.

Don't Miss This Limited-Time Offer

This sale is an excellent opportunity for audio professionals and enthusiasts to add some of the most revered audio processing tools to their arsenal at a fraction of the regular price. Remember, the Audified Boutique Legends Sale runs through February 11th, at The FX Chain.

Elevate your sound today with Audified Boutique Legends and save up to 40% on these essential audio plugins. Visit The FX Chain to explore these offers and more, and take your productions to the next level.


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