New Releases From D16 Group, BABY Audio & Boom Library

D16 Group | Phoscyon 2
The Definitive 303 Emulation with a Super-Convenient Sequencer

Emulation of the legendary 303 "silver box” has been taken to entirely new heights. D16 Group took the critically acclaimed and successful Phoscyon 1 and completely re-designed the signal path. Now, they've achieved an unprecedented level of emulation accuracy, resulting in this new incarnation of the plug-in, Phoscyon 2.

Intro Sale 25% OFF till Sept 19, 2022.

Buy D16 Group Phoscyon 2 HERE


Baby Audio | IHNY-2
Parallel Compression Plugin



Compared to its predecessor, I Heart NY 2 (or IHNY-2) offers a range of new features to shape and customize your parallel signal – such as gain-reduction linked harmonic saturation, lo/hi preservation filters and two core algorithms: 'Punchy' and 'Smooth'.

IHNY-2 Intro Sale 43% OFF till Sept 30, 2022.

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BOOM Library | Aquatic Predators
Sounds of Sea Lions, Seals, Walruses & Dolphins



Covering the animal war cries of the hunters of the shallow seas, AQUATIC PREDATORS is an unprecedented collection of animal sounds. From the barking of stalking seals, sea lions, and walruses to the whistling and whirring of murderous dolphins, this library packs all the bite you need for the seashore or to design the sounds of any terrifying creatures.


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