New Update Released for PreSonus Studio One | Here's What's In It

All that's new in Studio One 5.5:

1. Track Automation on Project Page
2. Clip Gain Envelopes on Project Page
3. Listen Bus on Project Page
4. Track Transform on Project Page
5. Multiple format export for Digital Release
6. Target Loudness on Digital Release
7. New high-end dithering algorithm
8. Drag and Drop MIDI files to Chord Track to extract chords
9. Create a strum pattern by dragging notes
10. Ampire now optimized for fast preset switching on Show Page

Other notable features and improvements:
- Automation included in Mix Scenes
- Plug-in Nap available on a per-plug-in basis
- Copy / Paste / Swap pads from any bank in Impact XT
- ATOM-series controllers now control sample edit parameters in Impact XT and Sample One
- Draw vertical stack of notes
- Support for Steinberg CC121 controller
- Support for Tascam Model 12 mixer
- Import/Export support for Opus audio file format
- Plug-in list now available in Diagnostics Report
- Display plug-in name and position on automation tracks
- Chord Selector had three more intervals: 2|9, Flat-5, and Sharp-5

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