PSP Releases New Plugin

PSP adds a new addition to it's stellar lineup of plugins.  PSP Saturator emulates the characteristics of analog tape and tube circuits.  


PSP Saturator Features Include:

  • 8 different saturation shapes for a variety of tonal flavors.

  • Three signal sculpting engines (low, high, overall saturation).

  • Adjustable Low and High band processing engines for adequate, band related warming effects.

  • Parallel mix option, with internal intelligent phase alignment.

  • Multiple metering modes for signal analysis.

  • Additional control panel for fine-tuning of various saturation parameters and smoothing.

  • Three output modes (off, sat, lim) for shaping the final output stage.

  • Input and Output gain controls, with optional relative link.

  • Optional "FAT" quad-sampling for pristine saturation quality.

  • Very low internal latency of 6 samples.

  • 200 presets designed by top engineers and producers.


PSP Saturator is on sale at an introductory price of $69 until Nov. 14th at The FX Chain.  Buy PSP Saturator Here

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